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Ping your blog with Ping.sg

Want to know why you should ping with ping.sg? Just read following, direct from their site.

What is ping.sg?

What is ping.sg? ping.sg - the community meta blog for singapore bloggers
ping.sg is a meta blog for Singapore bloggers. It aims to create a comprehensive and thorough database for blog entries written by local bloggers and/or with local interest. ping.sg also aims to create online community for Singapore bloggers to interact and gives every single blogger the same chance to stand out above the rest.

What is ping? What is pong?
ping comes from the word ping blog or pingback. Here is a simple scenario to illustrate the concept of ping and pong: You blogged an entry. You ping ping.sg. Your entry gets featured on ping.sg. We, readers, pong (read) your entry. Simple as that.

OK. Now I know what ping is. But, how do I ping?
Easy, simply follow these simple steps:

1. Register for a ping.sg account. It's free!

2. Register your blog with us. So we know where to fetch the entries from.

3. Click "Update Now". Simply repeat step 3 whenever you blog a new entry. It's as simple as that!

Can I configure my blog to ping automatically whenever I publish an entry on my blog?
Yup! The highly demanded XML-RPC server is now up and running! See the instructions at my blogs for more details.

Who can ping ping.sg? Singaporean bloggers? Singapore residents?
We are not strict on this. Singaporeans, Singapore residents, Singaporeans overseas, non-Singaporean bloggers blogging about Singapore, anything. As long as you feel your entry would appeal to the local bloggers or blog readers, feel free to ping it up!

Bugs Attack! I've found a bug!
Please kindly report it to us at uzyn@ping.sg. This helps in making ping.sg a better place for the community.

If you have further enquiries regarding ping.sg, please feel free to drop us a mail (uzyn@ping.sg) or simply leave a comment on our blog. We will get your queries answered, or at least we believe someone else kind enough would.

How do I ping?

To ping is to submit your latest blogged entries to Ping.sg. If you have enabled Auto Ping, just blog at your own blog. It's as simple as that! Ping.sg will visit your blog periodically to check for updates.

How do I ping even quicklier?

To submit an entry to Ping.sg in a timely fashion, you would only have to visit this this page (http://ping.sg/myblogs) and click on the 'Update Now' button for the corresponding blogs.
Ping.sg would then visit your blog almost immediately and automatically grab the latest entries from your blog and submit them to be published. However, we would like to request that you be gentle to our system and only do so whenever you update your blog.

How do I ping quickly and automatically?

If you are lucky enough to be self-hosting your own blogs, ie. not using free hosted blog sites like blogspot.com, wordpress.com, etc., you can make use of our XML-RPC Update Service.
Learn more about the service and how you can use it.

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