Senin, 20 Februari 2012

SEO: Malaysian Connection

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Have you ever wonder if Google or other search engine has been indexing your late article? Well, there is a way to help Google indexing your late article.

Malaysian Connection

I found two great sites that could help us to publish all over the world. and Two Malaysian sites (that's why I called it Malaysian Connection) let people submitting their article and spread it all over network. connection & connection

How to

How to submitting your article to those site? Ehm, it’s very quiet easy. Off course, you have to register and become a member. The first one, that is, let people joining their site with facebook or twitter account. After that sent them your article address.

For, you could use your existing account e.g. email account, facebook, twitter, and many more. Moving forward, you can submitting your article url, choose your article thumbnail, and sent them.


There are so many ways to get your article known by the people all around the world. You could use this one, Malaysian Connection, not only to publish but to make a friend as well. Please, feel free to discuss about this and anything with me.
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